Florida Product Liability Lawyers

Individuals who believe that they have been injured by the use defective products should know that the law is one their side. Manufacturers and distributors who sell defective products can be held liable by way of laws for product liability for any injury a person gets because of the use of a product. Florida product liability lawyers can contest a product’s safety in court through many ways, protecting the rights of the plaintiffs and enforcing due compensation from the manufacturer or distributor. Laws on product liability vary among states.

Defective products are items that have manufacturing defects, design defects and marketing defects. In addition, claims made by Florida liability lawyers fall under four types. Negligence is a form of a breach of duty by a party leading to an injury. Breach of warranty includes the breach of certain clauses provided by the manufacturer or distributor during a transaction regarding the quality of their products. Strict liability shifts the focus strictly on the defective product itself and disregarding the manner the product was manufactured. Consumer protection offer remedies for unusable products.

Mass tort attorneys typically handle cases that fall under medical equipment, drug reactions and pharmaceutical products. These include the use of vaginal mesh implants, hip implants, and others. For drug reactions, these include hypersensitivity, birth defects, organ failure and others. Pharmaceutical products include Actos, Osteoporosis drugs, Praxada and others. Florida liability lawyers are ready to represent plaintiffs who have been victims of injuries in the abovementioned situations. Not only can the use of these products prove physically injurious, they can also inject emotional and mental suffering to individuals. Mass tort cases, where applicable, can strengthen the fight against huge manufacturing and distributing companies who are liable for injuries. But plaintiffs generally stand a chance against the defendants once injuries have been conclusively proven to result from the product itself.


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