Types of Truck Accident Injuries

An injury as the result of an automobile accident can change your life forever, and it is in your best interest to be informed about the different types of injuries that can occur to move forward when an accident occurs. 

Trucks tend to be a safer medium of transportation as they are heavier and therefore provide more mass to absorb the shock of a collision with an automobile or object. Nonetheless, owning a truck does not imply invincibility, and injuries are quite common in truck accidents as they are in any other type of vehicle accident.

Neck Trauma
One of the most common types of injuries in a truck accident is neck trauma, usually whiplash. If the passenger or driver is using safety restraints, the safety constraints may protect them from other serious injuries; however, if the truck rolls or fishtails, the likelihood of a neck injury to some extent is likely. Neck trauma can vary from a simple muscle strain to arterial tears or fractures, and it is best to wait for medical personnel after an accident before trying to move if you feel any neck pain.

Head Trauma
As with any vehicle accident, the risk of hitting your head is apparent, and that risk increases greatly with older models of trucks that lack adequate air bags and safety restraints. Head injuries can seriously disrupt your life as even a mild concussion can impair your cognitive abilities enough to require extended hospitalization. Brain damage and skull fractures are on the more extreme end of the possible injuries you could sustain, but they are injuries that could realistically lead to paralysis or death.

Broken Bones
While safety restraints have been proven to save lives, they have been shown to cause certain injuries like broken and bruised ribs. In a jolting, violent accident, legs and arms have a tendency to flail and collide with the interior of the truck, and fractures are common in serious accidents. Facial fractures are usually a result of smashing into the steering wheel because of no or unused seat belts, and such accidents pose a serious risk to one’s neurological and cosmetic well-being.

Emotional Injuries
The plain and simple truth is that vehicle accidents are terrifying, and the emotional distress associated with them is a real and classifiable disorder: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. It is used more commonly when referring to wartime and to describe the mental disorders that develop in soldiers and witnesses of the violent events. If you or a loved one is experiencing anxiety and panic attacks following an accident, it is advisable to seek out some therapy options, even if that means talking it out with a close loved one.

The types of injuries stated above are just a few of the major injuries that can arise due to a truck accident, but it is by no means a comprehensive list. If you feel pain or suffering of any kind following an accident, you should get medical attention immediately. Check out this Tucson trucking accident lawyer web page for more information



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